Saturday, June 11, 2011

More of Luke

Disneyland Again. We all love that place.

Christmas season is always so much fun with Luke and his excitement. He was super cute in his Christmas program. My favorite was a song about Grandma coming for Christmas.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Luke's update

Luke and Remington. Luke's first basketball season. His team was called the Ballers.

We are Washington State Fans because my brother, Jared, coaches there. Actually we are just fans of Jared so we support whatever school he coaches at. :)

Luke LOVES Remington
Stephanie made these adorable cupcakes for Luke's party. Everyone loved them. They were popcorn and cotton candy cupcakes.
Luke's 4th brithday party. We had a carnival theme. We had a bounce house, a snow cone machine, hotdogs, cotton candy and popcorn.

Nate did balloon animals and the kids thought they were really fun. Luke and Grandma Anderson.

Disneyland-the kids favorite place.

Luke sleeping on the way to Pullman,WA in the airplane.

Luke lost his tooth and split his eye open all in the same day. Poor kid had a rough day. With a missing tooth and stitches, he looked like he had been beat up.

Luke and his buddy Sydney. Aren't they cute. If I could have an arranged marriage, I would choose this adorable girl. They are so cute together and play so nicely.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Alyssa Update

She loves licking the cookie dough off the hook.
Alyssa and Daddy.
Getting ready to get stitched up by Grandpa Anderson. She fell on the granite counter. Austin, Luke and now Alyssa all split their chin open the same way.

Obsessed with TinkerBell. So of course what else should she have been for Halloween.

Singing into a comb. She turns anything into a microphone. A future singer??

aThat cinnamon roll thing was all she wanted for dinner.
Austin won player of the game-after being sick all night and Alyssa wanted to go watch him. She loves watching Austin and cheering him on.
She can sleep anywhere-even on the tile floor.

Alyssa had some allergic reaction to something but her eyes and face were swollen for two days and then it slowly got better. She wants to be like the boys so one day when the boys went swimming she wanted to wear goggles too=just for the fun of it.

Not too sure if she likes Santa or not, he told her she had to get rid of her pacifier and go potty in the toilet.

Fun in the snow in Pullman, WA

Always dressing up in something. She walks around the house finding things to put on and most of the time it is super random but since she got new mittens and a new beanie she decided to wear them around the house.
After waking up from a good nap and after getting ready for the day. Alyssa is so girlie. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and make faces.

Adam and Alyssa

She really was having fun at Disneyland-just tired of having to pose for photos. She was happier to be taking a photo with Mickey Mouse than with boring mom.

"Go LV Swoosh"-she yells at the games when we go watch Austin.

Waiting on the curb for uncle Sterling to come. She loves her uncle Sterling and he loves her.
Waiting for grandma to pick her up to to the cabin she was so excited-can you tell?
She pretty much does whatever she wants-even eats the rest of the whipped cream with her hands.

Ashley, Trysta and Alyssa in Pullman, WA.

Up at Red Rocl-She loves going hiking and she loves guacamole. And I love her.

Easter 2011
After a good long walk-the girls finally fell asleep.